The phrase ‘pro bono’ translates in Latin to ‘for the public good,’ a means of ensuring that justice can be upheld regardless of the financial circumstances which the client finds themselves in.


Lawyers are synonymous for being frugal when it comes to their own finances and this is why hourly rates can rise to the thousands should their expertize demand. Thinking there are attorneys out there willing to do their work for free seems fanciful from afar.


However, there are pro bono attorneys available in those special circumstances when the individual can source a lawyer who will operate simply to serve the public good as a professional obligation.


So what is involved with the concept of pro bono law exactly? Here we will discuss that very idea in more depth.

Where To Source Pro Bono Representation


Now this will vary greatly depending upon which state you happen to be based in, but some states will issue ethical rulings that stipulate attorneys dedicate a period of their professional time to the common good. Lawyers as a matter of course will not promote this fact because it would impinge upon their capacity to earn more money. Yet if your case happens to be a matter of civil rights, is in the public interest or deals with a client in poverty, then this can certainly apply to your situation. So long as the circumstances are communicated clearly to a firm or organization, then finding a pro bono attorney should not be an impossible task.

100% Voluntary Concept


While there are rulings of conduct about lawyers dedicating their time to the public good, there is no hard and fast law that makes it mandatory. If an attorney has no intent of working under pro bono conditions for a client, that is their right. The best terms a client can source is seeking legal aid from a body that can rotate a list of attorneys who can each dedicate personal time without having to oversee the duration of a case.

Pro Bono Clinics


State and local bar associations have been known to establish such a clinic that will provide voluntary law assistance. It will depend upon the circumstances in which you require help as the service will range from a telephone hotline to a series of consultations or even due representation in a court of law. Individuals are advised to seek their local bar association and enquire about their nearest clinic.