Do you harbor ambitions of becoming an attorney at law? Are you fascinated by the legal system and want to contribute to upholding the law? Then you have clearly chosen a career path in mind, however that is only step one on your journey.


There happens to be a myriad of different disciplines that are home under the banner of ‘law.’ Practicing lawyers don’t necessarily have to be purely specialists in any one particular field, yet they will need to have a grasp of the underlying principles and intricacies in which they are practiced.


So what fields are out there and what will suit your skills and interest?

Labor Law


Any legal involvement that happens to involve an employer and an employee or group of staff will be considered a labor law matter. From discrimination concerning age, gender or ability to harassment and compensation disputes, this is a field that commonly includes union and regulatory bodies who operate under a collective bargaining agreement.

Entertainment Law


Here is a wide-ranging field that ventures from professional sports athletes to those performers in the arts including musicians, television and movie stars and members in the public eye. Their talents will often come inclusive of intellectual property rights and the distribution of this asset and the contractual obligations that come included are at the forefront of what constitutes entertainment law.

Bankruptcy Law


Whether it be a business, an organization or an individual, bankruptcy law is a field that has overreach from the state to the federal level of government. The U.S. Bankruptcy Code is the official document that outlines all procedures of this matter when the client is unable to repay their debts.

Criminal Law


Any action that is deemed illegal under the official criminal code falls under the category of criminal law. What this practice will involve is a differentiation between the prosecution party and the defense, meaning that a client who is charged under criminal law will require a specialist attorney who is schooled in the art of building and succeeding a defense case. Should you have a passion for individual rights and liberties, then this may be the practice for you.



These fields are only the tip of the iceberg. You can find a multitude of other disciplines that could be to your liking:


  • Tax Law
  • Divorce Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Civil Rights Law
  • First Amendment Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Health Law
  • Admiralty Law