Representation in a court of law is not a luxury, it is a right! The Sixth Amendment of the United States of America under the constitution stipulates that every citizen is afforded this right. It applies under all conditions and circumstances, no matter what the severity of the charge happens to be.


Yet there is a clear distinction when it comes to the category of the attorney which you can hire. One on hand is the private attorney, a professional who is hired by a particular firm and will usually specialize in one or numerous fields. The other hand will see public attorneys, a group who operate either off their own accord, a community organization or from a state or federal government body.


Common sense would suggest that a private attorney has more resources, greater skill and a stronger capacity to reach the ideal end result for their client. It would be wrong to suggest that a majority of cases are not better served with securing a private attorney, however there is genuine merit to bringing aboard a public lawyer should the circumstances merit it.


Here we will outline why that is the case.

Pure Cost


Private attorneys are expensive. Incredibly expensive in certain cases with hourly rates and retainers accumulating thousands of dollars on a daily basis. A public attorney will fight a case purely because it is for the public good as they will be attempting to uphold justice for those that are disadvantaged in the community. That may not be the scenario you are facing and the expertize you receive from a public representative will likely be in conjunction with your suitability to those conditions. What is undeniable is that the public option is for those that cannot afford the cost of a private attorney.

Criminal Defense Expertize


If criminal law happens to be the field which you require assistance with the courts, then a public lawyer will most likely be schooled in the intricacies of this discipline. Here is where most clients find themselves needing representation as offenses that violate the criminal code are regularly brought forward in a local or state court. Should the offense pertain to family, tax or a matter external of criminal law, then the public option will likely struggle to obtain the same degree of expertize.



The final benefit a public attorney is the relationships established by the lawyer and a judge. Should your case be put to a local judge, then a public representative will likely have the experience and connections to discuss a case with the individual who will oversee the matter. Private attorneys also enjoy connections, but they are less prevalent in a city or highly populated region.