Should you find yourself in legal hot water, the United States of America ensures that you have the right to counsel according to the constitution’s Sixth Amendment. No matter what the severity of the charges maybe, from a minor misdemeanor to a trial pending life imprisonment, this is a universal right under all conditions.


However, there will be a scenario that a prospective client will face in this situation – do you hire a private attorney or place faith in a public representative? This question will vary according to your personal circumstances and more importantly, your wealth and resources.


Needless to say that a private lawyer will be the more expensive option of the two. Whether they are on a retainer or charge by the hour, the public option will be more financially prudent.


Yet the case that you are fighting could very well carry major implications and the result of a loss in court could be the difference between freedom and jail. Given those high stakes, it is worth highlighting the merits of investing in a private attorney to represent you.

One-To-One Time


The ability to score personal one-on-one consultations where an attorney dedicates their time to you is invaluable. Public attorneys have to juggle various cases and that lack of attention can see mistakes made. The chances of achieving the best possible outcome will largely be determined by the time invested by the attorney to analyze all potential avenues to a case, and this is where the private option is superior.

Access to Resources


That investment spent in hiring a private lawyer does not only venture to their luxury car. It will be reinvested back into a firm’s capacity to execute their role properly. From technology tools such as tablets, laptops and smartphones with access to high speed internet, software applications to examine documents and source contacts, private attorneys have more strings to their bow.



Ever heard the expression ‘you get what you pay for’? Well it is a fact of life that the most high profile and well-paying law firms accumulate the best talent on the market. This is the same across any discipline as a general rule, from doctors to engineers and teachers alike. Whilst public attorneys might be able to match another firm on experience, they won’t be able to boast on expertize and quality. Due to the wide-ranging nature of law, there will be specialty fields that require an intimate education and understanding of the subject matter. Private lawyers will be schooled in this discipline, giving them an immediate advantage.