Driving under the influence of alcohol, also known as DUI, is a serious offence all around Florida. Those in Miami who are charged with a DUI offence should always seek our drink driving lawyers in Miami to help defend them in court.

Unfortunately, DUI’s have led to a large amount of deaths on Floridian roads and are one of the leading causes of major accidents. The horrifying consequences of these incidents have led state governments to enforce increasingly tougher penalties for those who commit DUI offences.

The gravity of the crime is reflected in the harshness of the sentencing. These harsh sentences require experienced drink driving lawyers in Miami to effectively defeat or reduce them.

Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons you should hire drink driving lawyers in Miami.

You need your license

One of the most common penalties for ordinary DUI offences is the temporary or permanent suspension of a vehicle licence. Whether you operate a car, truck or motorcycle for your travel or work, you need your license to legally operate them and drink driving lawyers in Miami will do their best to make sure you retain your licence.

Being without a means of self-transportation can severely affect both your ability to work and social lifestyle. If the area in which you live has poor access to public transport it may be impossible to reach work without a personal vehicle.

This is one of the major ways in which DUI penalties can have a knock-on effect to other aspects of your life. You may be unable to visit friends or family as often as you would like and this can have a profound effect on your mood and stress levels.

What’s worse, it may prompt you to break the law by attempting to drive without a valid license which can incur even greater penalties. Without adequate defence from drink driving lawyers in Miami you could lose your license altogether.

This would mean, in order to operate a vehicle again, you would need to go through the arduous learners program all over again. This can be counterproductive and embarrassing to have to be put through junior learners programs when you already know what to do.

Professional drink driving lawyers in Miami are experienced with traffic matters and can help ensure that you get a fair sentence that allows you to retain your licence and recover from the mistake as quickly as possible. It is definitely not worth leaving the fate of your license to the leniency (or lack thereof) of a judge or magistrate.

Discretion of the court

The best drink driving lawyers in Miami will have defended hundreds of clients in DUI matters and will have developed a good working relationship with the courts. They will be familiar with the judges, magistrates and prosecutors so they will know what to expect and how to defend against it.

While the strict law on DUI offences need to be applied, magistrates have varying levels of discretion they can apply to delivering sentences and penalties. Having a drink driving lawyer in Miami who understands the style of the presiding magistrate gives you a better chance of securing the best possible outcome.

This is essential as the penalties and sentences for a DUI charge can be quite severe depending on the circumstances of the crime. It can be extremely beneficial to have a talented drink driving lawyer in Miami on your side when dealing with DUI matters.

The court system in Florida has seen countless examples of DUI offences and can be quite fed up with its prevalence in society. In order to crackdown on problematic cases of DUI and the chaos it can cause, courts are predisposed to judge offenders harshly.

This is why you need expert drink driving lawyers in Miami to represent you should you face a DUI charge. They have the knowledge and rhetoric needed to best represent your interests in the courtroom.