If you haven’t hired a custody attorney before the process can be overwhelming and intimidating. Making sure that you get the right representative for you is crucial when tackling any custody cases.

You should always have a back-up attorney in mind, like a lot of things don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Look for multiple potential attorneys and meet and discuss your case and their expertise.

When talking with them you should have a question list ready to go. Here are some good questions to help get you started in making sure that you choose the right child custody lawyer.

Background of the attorney

Before hiring anyone you want to get to know them and their expertise in this field of law. Ask about their education and how long they have been practicing law.

As there are many different types of law make sure that they have experience in child custody cases. Ask how many child custody cases they have dealt with in the past and if any of those cases were similar to yours.

Having an understanding of all your potential lawyers is crucial when determining which one is right for you. Making sure that they understand and hear your case is important in your decision making process.

Their style

Procedures like this follow different styles and preferred communication preferences. Establish what communication channel that they best prefer and how long it usually takes for them to respond. Ask about their personality style both normally and while an attorney.

Understanding how they want to approach the situation is very applicable to your situation. How they work with their clients is something that needs to be addressed beforehand. Discuss how closely you’ll be working together or if they will simply tell you what and how you should be doing things.

Compare this to how you want to approach the case and make any necessary adjustments in your potential candidates.

Assessment of your case

Ask your potential attorneys questions relating to your case. Ask them what their assessment on your case is and what kind of resolution that you can expect.

An important factor to take into consideration is whether or not the case will have to be taken to trial. Ask whether it would go trial and what kind of problems could affect the outcome.

Being equipped with all the information about your case and expert opinions of the outcome can greatly help in choosing a representative.

Management of the case

A very important piece of information to know is whether they are available to take your case. If you’re going through a firm know who will actually be representing you.

Ask if you can meet them and know who your day to day contact is. If the person you’re speaking to is the person planning on taking your case ask the questions about their background and style. If not you will have to ask them directly as it is less effective coming from a third party.


Understand the fees and prices that are in effect when dealing with your child custody lawyer. How much they charge, when the payment will be due and if a retainer or any other fees are required are important to establish beforehand.

Overall the process can be very daunting for someone who hasn’t been in this position before. Make sure that you choose the right child custody lawyer for your case. Asking these simple questions will make you more comfortable and give you the best chance at winning the case.