We never want to be in trouble with the law, especially not in Australia where punishments are tough, and solutions are expensive. Victoria has many weird and wonderful laws that were passed many moons ago but what sort of crime will have you asking for help from some of Melbourne’s criminal lawyers?


For those of you into witchcraft or magic, make sure you are of legal age before you practice any hypnosis in the state of Victoria. You could find yourself needing some help from, Melbourne criminal lawyers that specialises in cases related to magic, as the state outlaws the practice of hypnotics by those under 21. Who knows what happens when you turn 21, but Victoria officials aren’t taking any chances.

Keep a number of a Melbourne criminal lawyer on hand because you aren’t safe from crazy laws while watching sport either. Whether you’re off to watch two titans of AFL clash or watching the Ashes in the MCG, make sure you follow all rules very carefully. Spectators are prohibited from, and could be prosecuted for, damaging a plant or even going as far to move the boundary. Laws that, I’m sure you agree, are much needed when attending a sporting event. Melbourne’s criminal lawyers have been called in for crimes of much less serious nature. So, if you do have the urge to interfere with plants or boundaries, think better of it, and enjoy the game without causing a nuisance.

There are laws all over the world regarding human’s treatment of the animals, these can be especially strict in Australia. Killing and skinning an animal is illegal on the road, while leaving its carcass rot with the possibility of cars driving over it is a separate offence. Criminal prosecutions could be brought against you for both so make sure that if you are in interested in killing/skinning animals, you don’t do it on the road and you dispose of the body like the humane individual you are. Otherwise you may just find yourself footing a hefty bill for a Melbourne criminal lawyer.

Playing a game to the “annoyance of someone else” can also land you in trouble with stricter law enforcement offices. So be careful, next time you’re on the beach, make sure you keep that ball close to you before you find yourself in front of the judge, wishing you had the help of a Melbourne criminal lawyer to fight your case.

There are other laws which have been phased but are strange enough to warrant a mention too. Brighton beach, one of the biggest tourist attractions for visitors in Victoria, was said to have a strict law back in the day. Visitors to the beach are said to have had to wear bathing suits that started at their neck and covered all the way down to their knee, so nearly full length. The rumour spread quickly however this was put to bed by numerous sources who claimed it never existed. It would seem like an innocuous crime and one that would have sounded especially strange explaining to a criminal defence lawyer in Melbourne.

Under the Vagrancy Act of 1966, people could found be guilty if they were found to be in the same house as known thieves. This act was repealed in 2005 so no longer stands. However, before that you may have needed the help of criminal lawyer in Melbourne for fear of being guilty by association. Rumour has it, on entering a house party, many were quick to question newcomers about their criminal past, you could never be too sure back in the 90’s!

So, whether you are living or travelling in Victoria, make sure you are aware of the more obscure laws that you may find yourself on the wrong end of. Melbourne criminal lawyers will be more than happy to help you, at considerable cost to your wallet, and possibly, pride.