There are many Australians out there that will have no idea of where they can turn when they need help with a separation or divorce. They don’t know that the best professionals to see in these kinds of circumstances are Sydney family lawyers. Furthermore, many will not know that there are all kinds of circumstances that can occur where it is ideal to seek the help of family lawyers. Most obviously, they are able to help with the divorce application itself, but they are also able to help with all of the things that come with the ending of a relationship. For example, many ex-couples will struggle to figure out how to best divide their assets. This can include property, possessions, debt, and even superannuation. One of the reasons why it can be so tricky to divide up assets is because often couples will accumulate these things together throughout their partnership so one party may believe that they deserve 50% of those assets. Others may feel that they had acquired the majority of these things before entering the relationship and so that other party would not be entitled to 50%. In some circumstances, there will be abuse or cheating involved, and one party may feel that they deserve some kind of remuneration for everything that they have been put through. Whatever the scenario may be, it is always important to seek professional help, which is why this article will explore the different circumstances that can require the help of family lawyers.

Family lawyers can help with the splitting of superannuation

When many couples go through a separation or divorce, the last thing they usually think about is their superannuation. They may not realise that this can also be divided up between the involved parties and because of this, disagreements may arise. While it is not mandatory, the involved parties are able to value their super and then split the payments. It is important that people know, however, that these payments cannot be claimed for cash. They will still have the regular legalities applied to them as any other super payment. Family lawyers are able to help by creating a formal agreement between the ex-couple which describes how they would like to make the division. They can also help by seeking consent orders to split the super.  If an arrangement cannot be made then family lawyers are able to make a court application and can act as representation in the courtroom.

Family lawyers can help with any other issues that may arise

Seeking professional help from family lawyers can be a good idea because they are able to help with some many different things. In addition to the division of assets, they are able to help with child support, missing children cases, court orders, appeals, spousal maintenance, financial orders, parenting arrangements, as well as much more. Basically, if something arises and it relates to a family matter, then professionals in this field are likely to be able to help. This can be handy throughout a separation or divorce as it is rare that one matter will need to be tended to. It is much more likely that several different matters will need to be catered to. For example, someone may need help with organising child-custody as well as the splitting of property. As there are so many different things to think about when ending a partnership, it is always best to seek professional help. There is a lot of unguided information out there so it is always important for people to get the correct information.